The Lord of the Rings: Hugo Weaving is Elrond

By Paul Martin May 25th, 2000, in Miscellaneous, The Matrix Cast

A contributor revealed a few more goings-on from the Lord of the Rings production today. It sounds as if the 6’4″ actor Hugo Weaving, best known as Agent Smith from The Matrix but now donning the role of the Elven king Elrond, is a great fellow to shoot a movie with.

“But all in all, the extras have reported time and time again, that two of the nicest guys to work with have been Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), who would come down to the pub afterwards with the lads for a drink, and Hugo Weaving, who lines up with the extras during dinner time. That is, no sign of Hollywood down under. Just people doing their jobs.”

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