Why are people used as batteries? Does that make sense? Why didn’t they just kill all humans and use nuclear energy? Why not use other animals instead? Human energy is “combined with a form of fusion” — maybe the AI came up with some technology we can’t imagine today. But humans require energy to survive, more energy than they produce (you never get more energy out than you put into anything.) Morpheus said that they “liquefy the dead to feed to the living” but, how could that sustain a person for a lifetime (assuming a 1-to-1 body ratio)? Another possible answer is that Morpheus did not know the whole story as to why the AI kept HUMANS around. Perhaps they needed human thought because of its creativity, or used all the brains as a processor.

From a draft of the screenplay: Morpheus: “They discovered a new form of fusion. All that was required to initiate the reaction was a small electric charge.”

Beltzalel: I know a good bit about human metabolism, and it doesn’t take much to keep a human alive: only 600 calories per day are burned off by your body in its resting state. So what if your body thinks its working when its really not? It creates much more energy than it needs, hence what is harvested by the Machines.  even if it’s not a lot individually, collectively the amount of energy that could be harvested by 6 Billion sleeping humans who are producing several times the energy they need would rival any form of fusion, ezpecially since fusion requires a constant input of fuel and isn’t especially stable when created artificially.

What kind of cookies was The Oracle baking? Looked like oatmeal to me… anyone else? 🙂

<<The script that I downloaded online calls for chocolate chip cookies that the Oracle is baking, but my friends think they’re hash cookies because she mentions he’ll feel better after eating them.>>

How do the AI maintain the illusion of time passing for the pod people? Is it always 1999? The opening date of the movie is 2-19-98, and the end date is 9-18-99. Smith says that the “peak of your civilization” was the setting. Does the clock ‘reset’ for them occasionally, but their minds are controlled to not know about this? It’s possible — note how after the Agents bug Neo, he wakes up thinking it was a dream. I guess if that was all you had ever known, you would accept it. But, we don’t know how long the matrix has been running.
What was the significance of Switch wearing all white? She does wear black in her first scene, but stands out in white when the others wear all black. Her colors were switched. Other than that, maybe it just looked cool? 🙂
Why did Agent Smith want to get out of the matrix? He was just a program. Perhaps he was developing emotion. Perhaps he was programmed to hate it, to make him meaner, or programmed to hate his life, and told when he finished the task (eliminating the resistance) it would be over.
How did Cypher jack himself in to meet with Agent Smith? Don’t know. We were never TOLD that you need an operator to do it, even though that was the impression. But since he would not be in danger since he was collaberating with the Agents, an operator to keep an eye on you might not be necessary. Perhaps he just ran a macro. When Neo walked in on Cypher and surprised him, Cypher ‘casually’ turned off most of the screens. He was likely planning his rendezvous.

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