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So, is The Matrix worth seeing?? Yes, go see it. Rent it. Watch it. It’s worth it. If you watch it primarily for the special effects, that alone is worth the price.
What city did this take place in? Matrix
The matrix-city is only given as City (on phonebooks, payphone, subway.) The movie was filmed in Sydney, Australia. The names given of streets are streets in Chicago, where the Wachowskis are from.
What was that bug put in Neo’s stomach?
A tracking device (aka a bug.) A virtual representation of a program. It was put inside of him to help the Agents find Morpheus.
Why did the AI choose to set matrix-world in 1990s? Matrix
Smith states that a “perfect” world was created first, but the human brains would not accept it. He then says (somewhat sarcastically) that they chose, “the peak of your civilization.” Yes, maybe it was the peak of human civilization, but it involves suffering, which humans need to accept the world as normal. Also, the AI would have had much more data for creating a world circa 1990s than they would for any past time. And, life expectancy is higher in 1990s than in the past (don’t want your batteries dying off soon.)
What are those characters in the green matrix code? Numbers, and katakana Japanese letters mirror-reversed.
How did Tank come back to life?
It’s a miracle. 🙂 (Cypher: “If Neo’s the One, then there’d have to be some kind of a miracle to stop me.”) Besides, he was only zapped in the shoulder and the side. Dozer was hit full-on, lunging at Cypher. Cypher had those current-conducting metal plugs.
How does Trinity’s kiss revive Neo?
The brain does not die immediately when heart and respiration stops. Neo was almost the One, he’d not been affected by the first bullet, until he saw his blood. So, his mind was almost to the point of disbelieving the illusion of the matrix — that he should be injured by bullets. He could feel Trinity’s kiss or hear her words, somehow, which reminded him that the matrix was not real.

Also note the fairy tale reference: in stories such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and so on, the princess is awakened by a kiss from the prince (in this case, the roles are reversed).

Why did they make the character Neo a hacker? As the One, he will essentially be a super-hacker. Trinity had been a hacker. Theorized that the rest of the crew used to be hackers (note the computer names.)

Fundamentally the matrix is a computer simulation, and thus it requires a person skilled in breaking computer programs to escape and manipulate it. Morpheus hints at this in the Dojo, when he says that it follows the “same rules, rules like gravity… some [rules] can be bent. Others, broken.”

Couldn’t the Agents have killed Neo any time they wanted? Why didn’t they have unlimited bullets? Why couldn’t they make a building fall on him?
In the beginning, they probably could have killed him, but their goal was to find Morpheus, using Neo as a lead. Morpheus: “I’ve seen an Agent punch through a concrete wall, men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air. Yet their strength and their speed are still BASED IN A WORLD THAT IS BUILT ON RULES, because of that, they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be.”
How come Apoc and Switch died when Cypher unplugged them?
“The body cannot live without the mind.” Somehow, the mind/consciousness leaves when they get plugged in, and one needs a proper ‘hard-line’ to get back in properly. The hard-lines were hacked by the Neb crew, to transport their minds back.
What was Trinity’s message from the Oracle? “The Oracle told me that I would fall in love, and that that man, the man that I loved, would be the One.”
The song when Neo is asleep at the computer?
Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack, from the album “Mezzanine”. It’s actually #6 on the album, but on Neo’s CD player, it’s #5. It’s not on the soundtrack. Lyrics in that scene include: “‘Cause I feels like I’ve been, I’ve been here before (deja-vu?), And you are not my SAVIOR, But I still don’t go, Feels like something that I’ve done before, I could fake it but I still want more.”
What is the music in the trailer? (not in the movie)
The Eyes of Truth
by Enigma, from the album “The Cross of Changes.” The part used in the trailer begins about 4:05 into the song.

by Andy Hunter

What kind of celphone was that?
Nokia 8110i. Apparently. The spring-open-action was custom for the movie. See here for more info. The Nokia 7110 does have spring-open-action, but looks different.

<<It was a Nokia 8110. But, that’s another way you can tell the movie was shot in Sydney, the phone could not be used in the US. I know because after moving from Sydney to Los Angeles, I found out that I couldn’t use my phone (the Nokia 8110) on any US network because they all work on a different frequency to the rest of the world. Plus, it’s digital, which is just catching on in the States.>>

What kind of car did the crew drive in the matrix? A 1964 Lincoln Continental. In the Wachowskis’ first film, Bound, a modern big black Lincoln is a prominent car. In both movies, the Lincoln is used in a similar-looking scene.

<<There is also a slight mistake in the film is the scene when Morpheus and Trinity are getting out of the car and Morpheus closes his door first (the front door), then Trinity second (the back door). This isn’t possible since the rear door is a suicide door (reverse-opening) then if the front door closed first, then the back door wouldn’t shut, since the front door overlaps the rear door.>>

your error fact on your website about the suicide doors is incorrect.

Suicide doors are designed to open and shut regardless if the front doors are open or closed. All “suicide” lincolns from this era had this feature. The doors attached to a common middle pillar. This isthe design in my 1962 lincoln, and I know it was maintained throughout the run of the “suicide” style door.


What kind of coat does Neo wear? It’s a duster, I believe.
What exactly was the Oracle? How did she know all that stuff? Was she a human? Plugged or unplugged? Was she an AI who joined up with the resistance?
The Mother of the Matrix.
A program from the machine world. She is an intuitive program, initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche. She stumbled upon a solution to the problem of people not excepting the programmed world of the Matrix, whereby nearly 99 percent of all test subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice at a near unconscious level.

Merovingian got the codes for the termination of the “Gloria Foster” version of the Oracle and destroyed it. The version is mainly just her appearance. It affected her memory a bit, as she only remembered Ghost’s heart, but not his face.

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