ESC, Nothing Real Team for ‘Matrix’ Sequel

By Paul Martin August 16th, 2001, in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

ESC Entertainment selected Nothing Real’s new Tremor non-linear compositing system to handle the on-set compositing needs for their current projects. ESC has also purchased front-end and rendering licenses of Nothing Real’s flagship compositing product, Shake. Nothing Real’s products, which are 100% compatible, provide a seamless front-room to back-room to render farm compositing solution.

Tremor is a recently-released turnkey, high-performance, non-linear compositing system. ESC Entertainment is using Tremor to provide groundbreaking collaboration among the production team — the visual effects supervisors, producers and compositors — for real-time viewing and manipulation of elements while on-set. This capability enables the production team to evaluate variations of a shot and then make modifications during the shooting process. Tremor will also provide the team more flexibility in achieving its vision, while minimizing the cost of production by effecting the changes while the whole cast and crew are still present.

By linking Tremor directly into the live video feed from the on-set cameras, shots are assembled — in a rudimentary manner — during principal photography. The production team can then review assembled shots and make adjustments as necessary. ESC is also deploying Shake as the primary compositing software for their post production work on their projects.

Source: VFXPro

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