Bid on Laurence Fishburne’s Shoes Used for Training

That’s right. If you’re willing to fork over some of your cash for charity, you can own the shoes worn by Laurence Fishburne while training for the ‘Matrix’ sequels. Here’s the story:

Shoes of actors Bette Midler, Bridget Fonda and Laurence Fishburne went up for auction to benefit the homeless on Wednesday in an Internet-only shoe store.

The San Francisco-based is hosting the auction in benefit of the St. Anthony Foundation, which provides services to the poor.

Brook Schaaf of Zappos said the sale may generate “from $500 to the sky is the limit.”

Midler donated shoes she wore in the television feature “Isn’t She Great,” Fonda donated shoes she wore in the film “Single White Female,” and Fishburne contributed sneakers he wore while training for the film “Matrix Reloaded,” filmed in part in the Bay area and due out in 2003.

The opening bid for each pair of shoes is $20, and visitors can bid on the shoes until midnight Sept. 15.

Depending on the response, auction organizers are planning another event to sell shoes from Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, and Tony Danza.