Yeoh has no Regrets

Michelle Yeoh says she has no regrets about rejecting a major role in the Matrix sequels.

She turned down the part to film her new movie The Touch.

Yeoh plays a trapeze acrobat who gets tangled up in a quest for a mystical Buddhist artefact.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Yeoh said.

“Not doing The Matrix wasn’t a difficult choice, to be honest. The Touch was the easy number one choice.”

The Touch is directed by Peter Pau, who won an Oscar for his cinematography in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

But Yeoh says the new movie is very different.

“There is no comparison between The Touch and Crouching Tiger, which was a period piece,” she said.

“The film language, the action is very modern. There’s no flying around.

“The essence of this film looks at how East meets West. We have all these different elements, which I’m very, very confident will transcend whatever language, whatever culture, wherever the place.”

Source: Ananova