Would you see The Matrix Trilogy in 3-D?

First on a list of movies that a Wired columnist would like to see in 3-D is The Matrix Trilogy! Ignore the last line of the article, fans – it’s an uninspired conclusion.

The Matrix Trilogy

With its visual displays of flowing data (pictured above, left), The Matrix would be a prime candidate for 3-D. It almost seems like the movie was shot with that in mind, with its bullets flying toward the camera and freeze-frame action shots that rotate at crazy angles. The Wachowski brothers’ mind-warping meditation on reality, technology and environmental devastation could seriously pop with a 3-D upgrade. Its bullet-time velocity could be significantly enhanced. Plus, the distractions that come with 3-D could go a long way to hiding the last film’s uninspired conclusion. –Keith Axline and Scott Thill.

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  1. I would absolutely go to see the movie in 3D (and even in 2D if it was in the cinema again). I still have on my mind that stunning opening scene from the Matrix Reloaded which would look gorgeous in 3D. And many other scenes are perfectly fit for 3D as well. More than any other 2D or 3D film these days.

  2. I would go see the Matrix Trilogy in 3D in a heartbeat. I’d probably see it multiple times and buy the 3D Bluray release! They’ll give Top Gun and Jurassic Park a 3D conversion, but not this? Why hasn’t this happened?

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