Why watch The Matrix?

What do you mean you’ve never watched The Matrix before? Where have you been living since the 90s? It’s fine, I guess you can be forgiven.

We know that some people aren’t as big a fan of The Matrix sequels, as they are of the original movie, and they might prefer partycasino.com, but you have to at the very least watch number one. You’re doing yourself a disservice otherwise. Especially if you were a fan of the recent film Inception, or simply like films with a bit of confusing mystery about them.

Here are a few reasons why:

– Keanu Reeves has never been better. Well, unless you count his, like, totally awesome performance in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. That was way cool, but The Matrix is slick with a good plot, a lot of Sci-Fi action and sharp suits. His mysterious and aloof Neo suited him down to a T.

– The contradictory nature of the film will confuse but thrill you. I mean we all love at least attempting to work mind trickery out for ourselves. And The Matrix is full to the brim. You’ll be left pondering for days. Or you’ll get to the end and think “why did I not think of that?” Either way you won’t want to miss it.

– Bullet time partnered with Matrix mythology allows for some pretty great special effects. In this world created by machines, the laws of physics aren’t an issue, so you can watch Neo fly through the air, and speeding bullets slow down to less than half the time, and it’s entirely plausible. Admit it, for the time it was made, The Matrix was boss.

So the next time you go to rent a movie, don’t brush past it: pick it up or download it. You won’t regret the experience.