What’s Link (Harold Perrineau Jr.) Up To?

He’s getting “Lost”!
What is it? A sci-fi action adventure about plane-crash survivors who find themselves stranded on a strange island teeming with the weird and dangerous.

Who’s in it? Matthew Fox (“Party of Five,” “Haunted”), Maggie Grace (“Oliver Beene”), Ian Somerhalder (Adam Knight on “Smallville”), Terry O’Quinn (“Millennium,” “Alias”), Dominic Monaghan (“The Lord of the Rings”), Harold Perrineau (the “Matrix” series), Daniel Dae Kim (“Angel,” “24”), Naveen Andrews (“The English Patient,” “Rollerball”), Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly.

Why should I be excited? It was created by “Alias” mastermind J.J. Abrams, and could be a great show!

What could go wrong? ABC, briefly and recently home to “Cupid,” “Miracles,” “Karen Sisco” and “Line of Fire,” loves to put on amazing shows, then yank them abruptly from the airwaves.

Where can I see it? 8 p.m. Wednesdays. ABC. Opposite “Smallville,” “That ‘70s Show,” “America’s Top Model,” “60 Minutes” and “Hawaii.”