What is the “Treytrix?”

Jada Pinkett-Smith is the envy of her husband, Will Smith, and his son, Trey Smith.

“Both Will and Trey desperately want to be in one of the two Matrix sequels,” says Pinkett-Smith, who is currently filming Matrix 2 and Matrix 3 in Australia.

“Trey is a huge fan of The Matrix. For his eighth birthday last year, Will got him a movie camera and they filmed The Treytrix. Will shot it, directed it and starred in it with Trey.”

Trey is Smith’s son from his first marriage to model Sheree Zampino.

“My two guys say if I can’t get them into The Matrix, they’ll be forced to make Treytrix 2 and Treytrix 3.

“I’m so impressed with Trey. Both Will and I are pretty certain he’ll be an actor. He has both the desire and the talent, so I’m looking for a picture for Trey and I to do together.”