What Happens in Matrix Revolutions?

Okay, this comes to us via e-mail. I must warn you though, this is a very, very, MAJOR SPOILER. If there ever was a time not to read it, this could be it. We are not sure on this source, so it could be phony. Keep that in mind if you choose to continue reading. So, without further adieu, we ruin a BIG part of the matrix for you:

My freind, this movie has some of the same plot of the first BETRAYAL. Morpheus is killed, and a close person to Neo has done it. However, this isn’t the whole plot just part. Maybe I’ll leak some out as we get closer to the release. If you do not belive me, just check with Warner and ask them about it. I promise a “no comment.” They can’t disprove this, because it’s not a theory. However, Neo steps up to take the place of Morpheus in the battle to free all biological life. Oh yeah, something happens to the happy city known as Zion and it’s not pretty either. 🙂

I have seem some but few actual video footage pretty kick ass stunts (only saw the car chase on the freeway, And a parking garage) and some nice explosions there edited alot however don’t look real but there still very cool real or not.