Warner Brothers comments on Matrix 2 delay, and AICN’s reaction

This is something to think about. Here is something that Variety (Variety.com) said in a recent article: Warner Bros. won’t officially confirm the tentative 2003 plans, with Fellman noting THAT SHOOTING HAS YET TO START although early effects work is going well. “We are right on schedule with the film,” [Warner Bros. distribution president Dan Fellman] said.

Aint it Cool News’ Harry Knowles sized up the situation with an analysis:

Hey folks, Harry here again checking up on something that the Trades are reporting. Variety is reporting a move of the MATRIX RELOADED from the Fall/Holiday season of 2002 to 2003. What is interesting is that Warner Brothers doesn’t seem to be confirming this at all.

“Shooting has yet to start?” WHAT? Ok, so when they were doing all that filming with actors on the streets of San Francisco… that wasn’t “shooting”? When they called in tons of extras and dressed them up to be in Xion, put them on a cave set and had Morpheus delivering a speech to them… that was merely “early effects work”? How about the shooting of the big Highway scene at the Alameda Military Airport area? I suppose that was all just special effects too? MATRIX RELOADED has been shooting fairly non-stop.

Ok, so if Dan Fellman is mistaken about the production having not begun Principal Photography… and Variety can’t get a confirmation on the move from the studio… Then what the hell is going on?

Now, why would Warners leave 2002 Holiday? Could it be that they do not want to interfere with the release of the 2nd chapter of LORD OF THE RINGS? Which is a huge company investment, and feel that both films have the exact same audience and that they don’t want conflicts? Could be. But why lie about shooting not starting? Perhaps not at the FOX AUSTRALIA lot, but they’ve been shooting like crazy around San Francisco. Hmmm, Warners…. “The Truth Will Set You Free”

That’s pretty interesting stuff. Wonder what the truth actually is on the matter. Will we ever know?