Wachowski’s Speed Racer Details from Joel Silver

Mega-producer Joel Silver spoke briefly with Empire Magazine on the upcoming Wachowski Brothers’ Speed Racer. Silver mentioned some exciting details about the Wachowski’s “twist” that they’ll be bringing to the story.

“It’s the story of Speed Racer, but in a way that you’ve never seen anything like that before in your life. The Wachowskis brought a tremendous sense of wonder and magic to that story. They just had a different way of seeing the story, in the way they do on everything they do. And we’e going to shoot all of that in Germany.”

He also stated this shocking line, “I don’t know if we’ll even use any cars.” But wait, what he really means is that they’ll be using some more new revolutionary CGI instead of actually filming with real cars. Silver himself sounds quite excited after “struggling with Speed Racer for 11 years” and is happy with the Wachowski Brothers and what they’re doing: “they did a little pre-viz for us and it was just unbelievable.” Go Speed Racer, go!

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