V for Vendetta Website

The website opened on March 4th or 5th, and has the V for Vendetta press conference transcript, video clips and photos. Take a look at the latest work of the Wachowski’s!

JOEL SILVER: We worked on V FOR VENDETTA long before we made The Matrix. The Brothers had done a script for this project several years ago and they then jumped onto The Matrix and we did all those three movies. They came to me in the post-production of those movies, saying they’d like to revive that picture. James had worked very closely with us on The Matrix films and had directed all the advertising, publicity and promotional things we did for The Matrix, so the boys said why don’t we have James direct it. That was a great idea, so they went back to the script and re-crafted it and thought about what it would be like today, and they re-wrote it and brought it to the board and here we are today.