Understanding the Matrix

“The Matrix” has become a cult phenomena in just a short period of term- do you know why? Here is your opportunity to gain extraordinary insight into the many dimensions and aspects of this movie, and how the shear impact of its revelations and significance will change the perception you have of the world we live in.

“Understanding ‘The Matrix’ is an online commentary, and a unique internet experience. Click onto the following link and discover the truth about “The Matrix.”

In 1999, Warner Bros. released a little movie called “The Matrix.” While most movies are made to entertain, and are fairly straight forward in their approach, “The Matrix” challenged its viewers. Incredibly unique was the fact that different people who saw it, had different interpretations of its meaning. For people to devote their time into discussing the “meaning” of a Hollywood movie illustrates the shear impact it has had. Few movies have been dissected like “The Matrix.” This new on-line book considers the interpretations, the observations, the symbolism, and the spiritual significance of “The Matrix,” and puts it into perspective. Are you ready to discover the truth behind “The Matrix.”

Source: Understanding the Matrix by David Allen Rivera