Trinity: 5th hottest all-time sci-fi character

Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity is #5 on the all time list, after Barbarella, Leeloo, T-X, and Leia. redknapp found this on

Fonda voted sexiest
By staff writers and wires
August 11, 2004

BARBARELLA has been named as the sexiest sci-fi character in the movies.

“Getting dressed in zero gravity has never looked as good as in the opening sequence of this sci-fi classic,” Film Review magazine said.

“A Sixties icon who was sweetness itself, and yet also the sexiest screen heroine ever to sport a transparent plastic vest.”

Milla Jovovich was second for her role of Leeloo in The Fifth Element, while Kristinna Loken was third for playing killer robot T-X in Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines.

Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia – the royal babe of the Star Wars trilogy who became a poster girl for millions of teenage boys acros the globe – came in at No.4.

The princess really raised the stakes in Return Of The Jedi, when as the slave girl of Jabba the Hutt, she appeared in a metallic bikini, chained by her neck to the big villain’s throne.

Rounding out the top five is Carrie Anne Moss’s leather-clad Trinity, from The Matrix.

Also sneaking into the top 10 at No.10 was Sigourney Weaver’s tough-talking, extra terrestrial-bashing Ripley from the Alien movie series.

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