Torres enters the Matrix, Firefly

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Gina Torres, who has a role in the upcoming Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions sequel movies, told SCI FI Wire that her character is the widow of Anthony Ray Parker’s character from the original Matrix. “I play a character named Cass,” Torres said in an interview. “I’m Dozer’s widow. He didn’t make it in the last one. He died. He was one of the first to go.”

Torres added that her character doesn’t dwell in the Matrix itself. “I guess that much I can tell you: I’m in Zion,” the last human city, she said. “I’m Real World.”

Torres, known for her female-warrior roles in TV’s Cleopatra 2525 and ABC’s Alias, added that she didn’t have to undergo the rigorous martial-arts training the other Matrix cast members went through. Beyond that, she declined to talk about her role in the films.

Torres will also be seen in the fall on Fox’s upcoming SF TV series Firefly, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon. “I am the first mate” of a ship in a futuristic postwar universe, she said. “Her name is Zoe. She has a very loyal relationship with the captain, Mal [Nathan Fillion]. And she’s married to the pilot, whose name is Wash [Alan Tudyk]. But she’s a fierce warrior, soldier, woman … with a soft side.” Firefly debuts Sept. 20.

Source: SciFi Wire