The War – Commentary

This isn’t meant to be a slam against those that are against the war, even though it may appear to be so. I am just writing my feelings at the time about the war that we are fighting.

What is happening now, I feel, is something that is long overdue. Twelve years ago, Saddam made a promise that he would cease production of Biological and Chemical Arms. He has had twelve years to do so, and has yet to follow through. The UN sent in inspectors, but those inspectors, for security reasons, had to inform Iraq of the next location of inspection, days before they would be there. This would give Iraq time to move the weapons.

There is also something that was on the radio that I must point to. A refuge from Iraq, a woman, was on the radio last week. She’s been living in America for a few years now, and studied what happened during the Holocaust. She can’t understand what makes the Holocaust different to what she saw while living in Iraq. She wants something to be done about Saddam, and real peace there. You see, they have “Rape Camps” filled with Iraqi women, and other such monstrosities.

Saddam has also shown his sons what killing looks and feels like. He wanted them raised as he was.

Make note how many soldiers from the Iraqi Armies have either surrendered or tried to surrender, only to be turned away (that was before the war). They didn’t surrender for no reason.

While, as a Catholic, I am against war, I heard somewhere that this war fits into the category of a “Just War.” Mainly because of the promises and broken treaties. Saddam lies, has killed around five million of his own people, and has moved Iraq’s weapons to public buildings to use his people as a human shield against our raids.

The UN decided to do nothing, even though the rules in place from the Genova Convention were clearly broken by Saddam.

A friend of mine did a project studying the lifestyles of people in Iraq. She said that if a student made a comment, speaking out against the government of Iraq, or Saddam, he wouldn’t be in school the next day. She said that Iraq has the largest missing person rate of any country.

This is madness and must be stopped. If we don’t stop it now, and leave it for our children to take care of, when it could be worse, then we are cowards. We need to take a stand against the most evil man since Adolf Hitler, both of whom are amazingly similar in their actions.

Every time I hear someone badmouthing soldiers, I have to bite my tongue. I have three friends in the military, one of whom is over there. He joined the army long before any of this happened and feels that it is his vocation, and God’s will that he is now fighting this war. I will support our troops, as they are fighting for the safety of future generations. We stood by, and did nothing to Hitler until millions of lives were lost, and now, we are potentially removing the threat of that happening again.

I don’t know where my friend in the Navy is, whether or not he’s been deployed, and my other friend is just waiting for a call. He’s ready and willing to go defend our country

If I remained against the war at this moment, then the lives already lost would be lost in vain. This would betray everything for which they have fought and suffered and died. We must stand together now, to be sure that these lives and their families and children are proud of their Fathers, brothers, Uncles, Cousins, Friends. For they are heroes. These soldiers are doing what it takes to bring liberty and freedom to a country that has been in pain and covered with a blanket of suffering for so long.

So, to War, and for the soldiers fighting, I say to you, thank you, you are awesome, and doing something that I know takes courage to do.