The Matrix Video Game License Awarded to Interplay Entertainment

According to, Irvine-based Interplay Entertainment has been awarded the videogame license to “The Matrix,” one of the hottest movie licenses and the crown jewel of Warner Bros. Properties. Variety reports that the terms of the multimillion-dollar licensing deal are not known, but they are expected to rival fees paid by Electronic Arts for “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter,” which were in the $8 million – $10 million range. The deal is expected to allow Interplay to create several game titles based on “The Matrix” franchise. Laguna Beach-based Shiny Entertainment, which has a publishing and distribution agreement with Interplay, is developing at least one next-generation vidgame based on the license. The Wachowski brothers, writers-directors of “The Matrix,” apparently visited Shiny’s headquarters on numerous occasions last year to oversee development of the game, reports the trade. They are expected to continue to do so now that shooting has begun on the two sequels in and around an old naval base in Oakland.