The Matrix – Riffed

MST3K alumni Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy teamed up to provide a commentary for The Matrix. Details may be found at

For those of you that are wondering what a “riff” is, it is an audio commentary you play at the same time you play a DVD. And if you have ever seen MST3K, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

In Earth’s dirty, dystopian future, one in which every person alive is kept in a dark, moist pod and fed misinformation (kind of like Manhattan, only the odors are less pungent), only one man can save us – and that man is Johnny Utah.

Wait, no – Johnny Mnemonic. Hold on, that’s not it. It’s some kind of car name…uh, Horizon, um….Omni. Ram Charger – No, Neo. That’s it. Neo. Led by the enterprising Morpheus, and the hot-erprising Trinity, Neo learns his fate from the Oracle, a corpulent, crusty, chain-smoking broad who is likely to put you off Oracles forever.

What is the Matrix? It’s a laugh-a-minute RiffTrax with Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy, that’s what.