The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Review

What is this? An Editorial Column based on my opinions! You may not agree with the views to be expressed here, but you don’t have to. I’ll just run at the mouth about many different topics.

On September 11th, 2001, the world changed forever. No longer did I feel the comfort of a safe country, a safe home. Nothing mattered any more except for the strength, support, and love of friends. And that is what the Lord of the Rings is about. It is a story of the human spirit told through the struggle to ward off a foe unseen. It has very deep values and morals throughout, with very powerful messages. The message that even using a dark power with good intentions, that power can and will corrupt. This is also the story of friendship, faithfulness, and forgiveness. In the bonds between the characters, and the struggles of the characters, they ask each others forgiveness, and apologize to one another when they fail. This film spoke volumes to me with many underlying themes such as those.

Beyond that, the experience of the film was such that I have never seen before. What I saw wasn’t perfect, but the flaws are forgiveable. The length isn’t a problem, because they were able to capture more of the book and I’m thankful for that. For a long time I wondered how audiences felt seeing the original Star Wars and changing the world of film, as I was born the year that the Empire Struck Back, and I believe that I have just witnessed just such an event, and felt those emotions. This picture had an effect on me and I loved the whole thing.

Final Score: 5 of 5

Afterword: I wrote this review about three days after seeing the film on December 19, 2001, and watched it twice more in the theatre. I am currently awaiting my copy of the film on DVD, and plan on getting both releases. My opinion of the film has not changed. I am anxiously awaiting the releases of “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King.”