Duo: Your favourite simulation.

CIS: Just killing time. You wanna spar?

Duo: As you wish.

(a fight begins)

Duo: That was too easy. What’s your problem? Where’s your concentration? Maybe you regret taking the red pill.

CIS: Maybe.

Duo: It crosses everyone’s mind at least once. The wish to return to an ordinary life. A carefree life in the country. The life we had before knowing all this.

CIS: Even if that life was just an illusion?

Duo: It’s ironic that one can be more at peace in the virtual world.

(fight resumes)

Duo: Finally starting to warm up. Listen to me. I have something I want to talk to you about. It’s all right. I’ve blocked the signal so no one else can hear us.

CIS: So what, you’re gonna propose?

Duo: I’m going back to the Matrix and I want you to come with me.

CIS: Come on, be serious Duo. Stop teasing me.

Duo: I am serious and you know it. I really thought you’d be with me on this. Anyway. It’s done and it’s all been settled with them.

CIS: What do you mean, it’s all been settled?

Duo: This is the only way. It’s just a matter of time before Zion is wiped out. Come with me.

CIS: Stop it. Please do not do this to me, Duo. We can’t…

Duo: We can! I’ve come to my senses. You should do the same. I took the red pill because I wanted to know the truth….But I don’t care about the truth anymore. What’s real doesn’t matter. What’s important is how we live our lives. Are you listening to me? You know I’m right.

CIS: But we can’t go back, Duo, we know the truth now.

Duo: We can forget all of this.

CIS: Duo…

Duo: I know how. Trust me. Don’t be afraid to look into your heart. Say what you’re really feeling. Tell me!

CIS: I can’t… I don’t know!

Duo: Running away won’t change anything.

CIS: You’re the one who’s running away.

Duo: Stop pretending!

CIS: Enough, Duo! I’ve had enough!

Duo: There’s no time. They are on their way.

CIS: You betrayed us, didn’t you? Operator, please! Get me out of here, right now! Operator, I need an exit!

Duo: It’s no use, I told you, I’ve blocked your signal. You won’t stop me. This is your last chance. The choice isn’t that hard. Come with me.

CIS: You can forget about it, Duo; I won’t look away from the truth, I can’t.

Duo: That’s too bad. I’m sorry.

(they fight with swords as per some of those awesome pics we’ve been seeing. i’m told it’s a totally cool scene)

Dou: I wanted to go back with you. I love you.


(blackness, CIS is unplugged by the operator)

Operator: Whoa, whoa, whoa, relax. You’re okay. Easy, CIS. Settle down. He was just part of the training program. He’s just a simulation. It’s over. It was a test. Judgment, concentration, technique. High scores on every one. You okay?

CIS: I feel a lot better now.

Operator: Except for that last part, I’d say she passed.

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