Step Aside, ‘Star Wars,’ “The Matrix is Everywhere”

Newsweek: “Step Aside, ‘Star Wars’ “The Matrix is Everywhere,” says a character in the film. “It is all around us.” No kidding. Its six MTV Movie Award Nominations aren’t quite as prestigious as the four Oscars it swiped in March, but it’s one more sign that, 13 months after it hit theaters, “The Matrix” still has our culture in its grasp.

DVD: By far the highest-selling title in the format’s brief history. But more notably, says one industry analyst, “it’s the movie that makes people think it’s time to buy a DVD Player.”

Commercials: Ad makers borrow liberally. Music and imagery have graced Nike ads [“the Mission”] and multiple car commercials.

Gear: You know a film’s touched a nerve when people buy the chairs from it. The TR09 Trial is hot.” The TR09 Trial is made by Spanish firm Indecasa.