Stand Back: It’s a Burly Blowout!

Bordough originally posted this:
Just as Redeye fortold, the prophecy was fulfilled this Monday (night), the fifteenth of November, in this Year of the Machines, two thousand and four.

From Michael Oeming to Peter Bagge, and (the promised) Kaare Andrews, to new looks at Tim Sale’s, Ted McKeever’s and Paul Chadwick’s stories, The Matrix has delivered!

According to, The Matrix Comics: Volume 2 will be just a little bit bigger than the original volume, and by little I mean 16 freaking more pages, clocking this new volume in at an even 176 crisp, green-letter coded pages

These pages are of course by no means the entire final product, as said product will have a dozen stories and a reported “surprise or two”

As stated previously, you can get your hands on these puppies in December (the same time as Burlyman Entertainment releases Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy).