Speed Racer Casting

Here are some details on the Speed Racer casting that is currently underway. For more details, and the chance to audition, check out My Entertainment World. Here’s the scoop:
SPEED RACER, Feature Film.
EXEC PROD, Grant Hill;
PROD, Joel Silver, Susan Downey, Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski, David Seltzer;
DIR, Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski;
SCR, John Lau, Patrick Read Johnson, Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski.
Shoot Dates: Approximately June, 2007 (in Berlin).
STORY: Based on the classic 1960s series created by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida that later was retooled for North American audiences, the big-screen film will follow the adventures of the young race car driver Speed in his quest for glory in his thundering gadget-laden vehicle, Mach 5. The movie will feature other characters from the show, including Speed’s family and his mysterious archrival, Racer X.

Speed Racer: 18-22. Our hero – boyish, babyface. A racecar driver phenom. He is chasing the ghost of his dead brother who died in a horrible race accident. Honorable. Loves his family. Lead;
Sprittle: 9-11. Sweet, genuine, lots of physical comedy, loves/worship Speed, his older brother. Has a pet monkey who is always with him. Supporting. (Posted: January 22, 2007)