Slow Week

It’s been a very slow week for news. Nothing of note has come in within the past week. The Forums here are alive and kicking with debates about everything under the sun. There is an RPG running, and more. Check it out! We’ve got over 400 members, but about 50 that actually post. So, if you’ve thought about registering, or if you have, we invite you to join the discussions!! 🙂

This weekend, I’ll be off on retreat. I leave in about five-ten minutes, and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. I’m also writing an article for a magazine that is due to launch in March of 2003. The article is, of course, about The Matrix, and includes information about Reloaded, the Animatrix, and the Matrix Video Game! (Possibly with stuff that hasn’t been revealed yet 😉 but who knows?) I’ll have more on that in the next week or so.

See ya Monday!