Shooting Additions and Clarifications – SPOILERS

Nerje chimes in to clear up some misconceptions about his last report:
Hey everybody. I received a lot of positive feedback from people who read my article, however I also received a few abusive mails as well – and after I’d asked you all to be nice in your messages.

From this, I need to clarify something:
I wouldn’t do something so low as to try and sabotage the production by doing such a thing.
And also,
I didn’t do this without permission, again, I didn’t want to run the risk of breaking anything and ruining things for the crew.

So, please refrain from being offensive in your e-mails, until you know the full story. It’s rude and stupid.

Sorry to everyone that wasn’t aimed at, and I thank you for all the friendly e-mail I was sent.

Now, straight back into the swing of things…

I’ve been doing a little bit of research, and I’ve found out the following:

– Brown is apparently a very easy colour to edit in special effects, so all of the trees in the street were bagged up in brown hessian cloth. Also, the car at the front of the line was the same shade of brown.

Apparently the car becomes pretty much destroyed, and the brown will be changed to a different colour at a later date. Let’s hope it’s black, because black cars are cool.

– The crew filmed for ten hours, all through the night. And one of my sources tells me that it was all for six seconds of the footage. Remind me never to get into the editing business- 10 hours of filming just for six seconds of footage? Ouch.

– I heard two things about the phone I was playing with. My more reliable source has notified me that it won’t be used as an exit at all, but another source has mentioned that it will be used by the Agents somehow.

– As the scene plays out, everything stops, and the cops get out of the car. Now at this point, I really need to mention, that everything I have heard or been told says that the cops are DEFINITELY Agents. Whether this means that they become Agents, or are Agents in disguise, I don’t know. I tend to think they become Agents, due to the fact that they are apparently in the script as Cop 1 and Cop 2. Somebody has notified me that everybody gets out of their cars and looks at the sun rising over a New York skyline.

At this point in time, I want to stress that this has been contradicted by everything else I have found out from people close to the production. The only people in cars that get out are the cops- everyone else was dressed in black. What actually happens in the scene is still unknown to me, but I’ve been told it’s fairly interesting. This may not mean that the New York thing is untrue, but please take caution when it comes to believing what you read. Everything, including this article, should be taken with a grain of salt.

– The filming did not involve any of the key actors or actresses. However, Keanu Reeves was there, in the Travelodge building in Elizabeth Street, overlooking the scene as it was shot.

A big, big thank you goes out to the man behind the info, Lion. He’s the one to credit for the additions and clarifications.