‘Shaolin Cowboy’ Returns to Shelves

Darrow02The comic “Shaolin Cowboy”, which was previously published under the Wachowski’s own Burlyman Entertainment label, will be returning to stores thanks to Dark Horse Comics. Seven issues were created during the initial run, but none have been released since 2007. Artist Geof Darrow, who did the wonderful concept work for The Matrix Trilogy, will take over for writing from the Wachowskis and continue his work as artist.

As someone who bought every issue of “Shaolin Cowboy” I am ecstatic at this news. Although I wish “Doc Frankenstein” was included in this deal. While both series were fantastic I always gravitated more toward the Doc. Oh well, this is a time to be happy not wish for more. Just having more Geof Darrow art to pour over is worthy of a huge celebration.