Shaolin Cowboy 6-Page Preview

xBrandxBlandx sent us this news:

Burlyman Entertainment has provided Newsarama with a six-page preview of Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy, his story of a well…in Darrow’s own words, “he’s not a Shaolin, and he’s not really a cowboy.” So, what exactly is he, and what’s his story? Well, you’ll have to check back tomorrow for Newsarama’s interview with Darrow, but for now…you can check out our report from our earlier coverage and interview with Burlyman editor Spencer Lamm:

Of the two titles, Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy is the grizzled vet, having been around for years, and shown off by the creator to any who would catch him at a convention. “I’d first heard about Geof’s Shaolin Cowboy back in 1999 at San Diego,” Lamm said. “He’s been working on it for a long time, which, from my perspective means we have a lot of pages, and the bimonthly schedule will be one we can keep.

“Basically, he’s being working on it for a long, long time,” Lamm continued. “To say what it’s about…it’s Geof Darrow. People who know Geof’s past work know exactly what I mean just by saying that. It’s pretty intense. The pages, needless to say, are insane. Two weeks to a month spent on each page.

“There’s a single hero who’s not your typical hero that goes around in a post-apocalyptic landscape with the help of a talking mule. That’s by no means the story, but it certainly touches on elements. It’s a vast canvas, but it leans towards the surreal – you don’t have any clue what’s going to happen next. Geof has it planned for a long time – a real epic, and each issue will pull you in deeper. He’s only about 100 pages into it, without an end in sight. So yeah – for Geof Darrow fans, there are an incredible number of new pages to look forward to.”…aolinCowboy.htm