Rumors: NASA, Neo Agent?

Dark Horizons posted the following:

French show Exclusif just ran a segment on the sequels and the information gleaned does sound rather speculative. The show indicates some of the fights will be filmed in zero gravity using NASA’s Vomit Comet, whilst some characters will transform into animals as well as other humans like the Agents could. I’d question that one, but in the meantime the town of Akron, Ohio will apparently be the site of some very brief shooting. Seems this place has a rather unique and distinct mile long 50-year-old bridge which will be used.

AICN also posted the following:

In a forum hosted by a class I have at UNC-Chapel Hill, we were visited by Universal President Ron Meyer who was talking about the industry. During the forum he was explaining about the type of things they couldn’t do without computers and revealed a detail about the Matrix 2. He said his friend (Silver?) is a producer on the film and he was explaining a sequence where Neo (Keanu Reeves) is pitted in a fight against another 100 Neos. Perhaps the Agents have figured how to program a Neo agent?