Rumored Matrix filming

This report comes via Nerje. It hasn’t been verified, but it’s still a rumor none the less. Take it with a grain of salt:

Milson’s Point is a small suburb in North Sydney’s business district. It is literally almost tucked underneath the northern end of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, and it is home to many locations including Luna Park, the defunct amusement park, and the North Sydney Swimming Pool.

Today it was also home to a large filming crew. What they were filming was uncertain, but it is possible that it was to do with the Matrix sequels being filmed right here in Sydney. Men and Women in casual attire unloaded filming gear from six or so white vans into Bradfield Park, overlooking the Harbour from the shadow of the bridge. As they did so, a black helicopter flew overhead, followed by a blue and white helicopter. My good friend Jack said this about the helicopters:

“They definitely weren’t military helicopters. In the morning, while the crews were unpacking, a black helicopter flew over the bridge. And another one, just like it, but blue with a white tail- like police colours, except it had no writing on it.”

Does this mean that there is a potential helicopter chase scene in the sequels? I personally tend to think that maybe it wasn’t to do with the filming, due to the fact that they flew quite close to the bridge and the crew do as much as they can to eliminate prominent Australian locations from the scenery.

The vans themselves were white. Jack spotted that one of them had “EMPIRE” emblazoned across the side it big black letters. Another was was seen to have a cartoonish blue rocket blasting off pictured on it’s side. Jack’s wife, Dru, noted that one van resembled a make-up truck and she saw two people emerge from it and walk towards the swimming pool at the end of Alfred Street, and that they looked more like actors than crew. She didn’t have a chance to ask anybody what was happening, although she noted that their lunch break is at ten to one the afternoon.

The filming may be happening again tomorrow, so if anybody in the North Sydney area could get down there and snap some pics, or bring back reports, that would be great.