Revolutions is much more Epic

Just received the following info on The Matrix: Revolutions from Natalie “The release date for the UK has so far been confirmed as November 7th. As for the plot etc, the best comments I can give you are here:

Joel Silver says:
“Reloaded and Revolutions could be one film. But I think they work best as two sittings. It’s quite a lot to absorb. Revolutions is all-out war between the humans and the machines and will, by all accounts, blow your ****ing minds. We have a 14 minute, $40 million battle sequence that is the most complicated sequence ever put on film.

John Gaeta, stunt director:
“Reloaded, no problem; even though it was incredibly difficult, there was a lot of buffer time built in. Revolutions, on the other hand is aggressive because it’s quite grand. Revolutions is much more epic. More creature based and much more about machines and bio-mechanical places. It’s an awesome catagory to work in as a lot of us are big fans of Alien. It’s a completely different train to anything we’ve done before.

Dan Cracchiolo, Production executive:
“You know Revolutions is the real thing, right? Revolutions is the pay off. Reloaded is just a tease….”

And the man himself, Neo – Keanu Reeves:
“The first is about birth. The second about life. The third about death. I don’t know though. Maybe it should be called The Matrix Resurrection.”