Reloaded Cut Locked Down!! UPDATED

Thanks to Edward for sending this in:

According to sources close to the production, Andy and Larry Wachowski have completed their final cut of their much anticipated second chapter of their Matrix trilogy. The effects are complete, the score is done and the final running time including credits will be two hours and eighteen minutes.

Two minutes longer than the first film, Reloaded finds Neo, Trinity and Morpheus continuing to lead the revolt against the Machine Army, unleashing their arsenal of extraordinary skills and weaponry against the systematic forces of repression and exploitation. In their quest to save the human race from extinction, they gain greater insight into the construct of The Matrix and Neo’s pivotal role in the fate of mankind.

The Matrix Reloaded will be released in the US on Thursday May 15, shortly after its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival the day before.

Some of us at recently had the pleasure of seeing the nine-part Animartix shorts at a press screening last week. While we cannot give you our very enthusiastic review of the shorts until May 15, we can tell you the order the program will be presented in, and the running times for each of the shorts:

The Second Renaissance, Part I”: 8.5 minutes

“The Second Renaissance, Part II”: 8.5 minutes

“Program”: 7 minutes

“Beyond”: 13 minutes

“World Record”: 8.5 minutes

“Kid’s Story”: 9 minutes

“Matriculate”: 16 minutes

“Detective Story”: 9.5 minutes

“The Final Flight Of The Osiris”: 9 minutes

EDIT> I had the wrong times before, these are the correct times – PH