Random Matrix News

Carrie-Anne Moss gets Royal Treatment

That Californian heat can do a number on one’s pores:
Stranded on The Matrix 2’s Northern California set, Carrie-Anne Moss was sorely in need of pore treatment. Fortunately for the actress, the film’s wardrobe girl invited skin care guru Vera Kantor of Beverly Hills’ Verabella Skin Therapy Salon to come to Moss’s aid. The resourceful Kantor converted a wardrobe fitting room into an oasis of calm and gave Moss her signature $ 150 caviar facial.

On the Directors (Warning, MINOR SPOILER)

The same ‘Anonymous’ that gave you that sweet set report tells us the following:
The Wachowski brothers were very focused individuals. They know exactly what they want in every single shot. When Lawrence did the “ZION! Hear me” speech Andy would go up after each take (about 15) and fine tune his performance. They are men of vision. I wish more movies were made with that kind of conceptual genius. You can see the appreciation they have for storyline in BOUND.

One thing I found really cool was standing next to Gaeta the bullet time creator.