Pretzel’s Review: Revolutions in words


Well thanks to some nudging, I’ve finally got around to writing my review of the third and final(we guess)part of the Matrix series. Its been a heck of a ride from The Matrix all the way through, past Reloaded, past ETM, past the Animatrix, to the conclusion of an epic journey that has changed all of our lives, hopefully for the best.

But I digress.

As I was walking into the cinema to see Revolutions, it occurred to me that there were differences to the way I felt about it than I did back in May for Reloaded. No longer was I worried about how the movie was going to turn out, how it would end, whether or not the SFX would be criticised. I had no expectations, no loft ideals that the movie would be the most incredible thing ever to grace the silver screen.

All I cared about was that finally the story would be concluded. That the questions we had would be answered. And that no doubt many more questions would arise.

As was expected the story started exactly where Reloaded left off, on board The Hammer. Immediately it was like there had been no gap between then and last May; like I was still in the cinema watching one movie.

As the story progressed I was always enthralled with the twists and turns. Some where expected, such as Smith taking over the entire population of the Matrix. Some unexpected, such as Neo’s blindness(assuming you hadn’t seen the spoiler pics) and Trinity’s death(no, I never saw it coming). I was disappointed at the lack of the Twins, but I soon got over that.


As was thought, most of the action took place in the real world in the defense of Zion. This took my breath away. The number of sentinels, the APU’s, the heroism shown by the defenders, was all incredible to watch. The Kid(Clayton Watson) I thought did a particularly good job. And a grand performance from the captain of the APU’s.

Two performances particularly caught my eye.

First up Mary Alice as the replacement Oracle. I thought she did an excellent job; managing to capture the same feel we got from Gloria, and the same mannerisms. I was totally fooled into thinking of them as the same entity.

Secondly, doing a similar sort role, was Ian Bliss as Bain, the “human” version of Agent Smith. He did an incredible job capturing Agent Smith in flesh and blood. My companion at the film had somehow(no idea how) managed to not connect Bain and Smith during Reloaded, but once Ian started in Revolutions, she got it immediately and told me as such(much to my annoyance at having my concentration disturbed).

As far as the acting went, my only complaint was wanting more from Morpheus. I thought he was a bit stilted in his speaking, and seemed to mainly spend his time being ordered around by Niobe. I wanted to see a bit more of Morpheus the Kickass in Revolutions.

Other than that everyone did a sterling effort, especially Keanu who was for once displaying more emotion than some of the other cast members(ducks pots and pans thrown by Keanu fans).



That was what continually was running through my mind in the “Super Brawl” between Agent Smith and Neo. I loved the way it was done slightly similar to the epic battle between Luke and Vader in SW: RotJ. The flying was done hugely better than Reloaded, and a lot less CGI was used, and when it was used it was done with style and no excess. My mouth was open and stayed open for the entire scene. Some might complain that it was too long for a fight scene, but you won’t hear any such complaints from me.

The nightclub fight was also a high point. Obvious flashbacks to the Lobby Fight from The Matrix didn’t matter to me. I got to see Morpheus and Trinity doing their stuff one more time and that made it classic. Seraph also was very good in that scene.

Memorable Moments

So many memorable moments its hard to choose which ones to mention. But a few stood out slightly more than the rest.

The small scene with Merovingian was a classic. The look on his face when Trinity pointed her gun at him… fantastic.

Smith and The Oracle was also great. His crazed laugh was hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

The sentinel attack… whoa. 500,000 squidies sweeping in quick. A sight to behold, a sight never to be forgotten.

Trin’s death scene brought tears to my eyes. Too long my foot, she deserved all that scene gave her.

The ending was friggin AWESOME and I’ll take on anyone who disagrees. It couldn’t have been done any other way.


9.5/10 pretzel’s I give it.

Full marks for everything. Only things I was disappointed in was a few lines of dialogue that I thought were below par, and the lack of answers on who/what/why Sati is. But then I should’ve known from the beginning I’d be always left wanting more.

As a parting comment, I’ll say one of the best things I liked about it was the references to the first movie. The deja vu and Morpheus’s line “No, the honour is still mine” gave me shivers.

I’m sure I will get even more out of it when I can watch all three back to back.

In the meantime, bring on TMO!!!