Preparing to Enter the World of the Matrix

After seeing the first “Matrix” movie, did you want to be Neo, just a little bit? Did you want to be the one that broke the bonds of the earth and leapt from building to building, or stopped bullets with a touch, or whacked the bad guys with some mighty kung fu?

Even after the movies lost some of their luster during the sequels, the little kid comic-book super hero lover inside many people – including me – yearned for a black trench coat and a truly awesome pair of sunglasses.

Warner Bros. and Sega are banking on your desire being strong enough to buy “The Matrix Online” early next year – and then continue paying an as yet undetermined amount every month to play. It’s an online world game set in the “Matrix” universe after the third movie has ended, with an underlying storyline being written by the Wachowski brothers, who directed the movies.

I sat down with “Matrix” last month at the headquarters of Monolith Productions, the company that’s developing the game for WB. They’ve got a good pedigree, as the developers of games like “Tron 2.0” and the “No One Lives Forever” series. They’ve been working on this one for a few years now. It was supposed to launch in November, but a last-minute publisher shakeup helped to push it to somewhere near the end of January.

I hadn’t seen the game in over a year, so the first good news is that it doesn’t look as weak as it did then. The combat system has been fleshed out and the storyline looks intriguing (featuring, among other things, Morpheus questing to find the body of Neo).

In fact, ongoing mini-movies made available in the game – one will be released with every update, which will happen at least several times a year – may be one reason why Matrixites buy in.

Thanks to Philosophatrix for this one!

And by the way…”Matrixites?” Why don’t they just call us Matrix fans? This site isn’t called “” afterall.

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