PRE-ORDER The Matrix: Revisited on DVD

Preorder your copy of the Matrix: Revisited on DVD at Today! We have a direct link to the product. Just click on the source link below. The MSRP is $19.95, but you can pre-order it at $14.95. Release date is November 20, 2001 Pre-Order!

Included on the DVD are: What is to Come? (which takes you behind-the-scenes on Matrix 2), What is Animatrix? (anime preview), What is the (preview of new website), The True Followers (interviews with hardcore fans), The Dance of the Master (fight choreography of Wu Ping), The Bathroom Fight and Wet Wall (scene study with behind-the-scenes footage), But Wait, There’s More (music montage with never-before-seen footage from The Matrix) and 4 Easter eggs (Chase in the Alley, The Woman in Red, Gun Training and Juke Box-audio only).

But NOT the movie.


The anime tells the story of the rise of AI, and how the machines subjugated the humans.