Newspaper Round-Up

Nerje chimes in with this report:
First I’ll tell you about a large article on Fox’s Backlot closing down. The Backlot was Fox Studio’s adjoining ‘theme park’ style affair, and quite frankly, I’ve been and it was boring. Good riddance. It leaves more room for films to be made and the article mentions that both The Matrix and Star Wars production crews have complained about lack of space, so this will shut them up. How rude.

Then we move to an article in which Mr Fishburne headlines…

Fishburne catches Tina and escapes
Few were aware of it, but Laurence “don’t call me Larry” Fishburne was a surprise guest at Tina Arena’s album launch at the Establishment Ballroom on Tuesday night.

From the back of the room, Fishburne watched the Young Talent Time graduate belt out a few of the songs from the album Just Me, including the first single Soul Mate #9. And then, just like his character in The Matrix, he slipped quietly away.
– Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph, 18/10/01

For those who don’t know:
– Tina Arena is a small, beautiful lady who can wail beautifully.
– Young Talent Time is an old show we used to have where a bunch of kids sing and dance. It was rightfully removed from broadcast. However, it spawned a few famous British pop icons, particularly Danni Minogue (yes, Kylie’s sister).
– You probably won’t hear any of her music in the US for a long time, if ever.

I found this one while reading the paper at work today. During my lunch break, of course. I don’t really slack off…

Easing into Matrix
Taking to the streets at the weekend like they never left town were low-fuss Matrix locals Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss.

Fast becoming one of Confidential’s favourite visitors, Moss looked like any other Sunday Bondi dweller when she took her dog for a walk (or at least carried him) along Campbell Pde.

Meanwhile, the wonderfully shy Reeves, who has long-time been a Confidential favourite, is cementing his reputation as a bit of a Jimmy Dean loner type. Often seen enjoying his own company, Reeves opted to spend his Saturday night seeing the new Billy Connolly / Judy Davis flick, The Man Who Sued God, at Double Bay by himself.
– Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph, 29/10/01

So I’m thinking that The Matrix stars are feeling right at home. Here’s an interesting article from yesterday:

Reports about tantrum-throwing behaviour from US actor Laurence Fishburne on the set of The Matrix: Reloaded have been quashed by the film’s publicist Fiona Searson. (But yes, that’s her job.)

Industry insiders have been buzzing with reports of Fishburne storming off set at Fox Studios a fortnight ago.

The actor reportedly spent more than four days away from the set, costing the directors Andy and Larry Wachowski thousands of dollars in lost production time.

But Fishburne has long been regarded as the good guy on the set and is renowned for being affable with both cast and crew.

Searson described the rumours as “absolute bulls***”, then added “knowing what sort of guy Laurence is, the stories seem quite funny”.
– Christine Sams, The Sun Herald, 28/10/01

Well I think that goes to show that, while Fiona Searson is delectably beautiful, she has a bit of a sharp mouth. And that Laurence is a nice guy after all.