New Matrix II Weapons REVEALED

This could be considered spoiler material, unless you don’t care what types of weapons are used in the next Matrix films. Alright guys. Much thanks goes to for this one. Cynn Samhain from their team wrote in to and told them of a very interesting discovery. They found weapons used in The Matrix Reloaded. The weapon is the Musashi Miyamoto Daisho Katana. It is selling for about $700 dollars on Check the source link below for a picture of the sword. Here is what it says about the weapon on their site:

Musashi Miyamoto Daisho
Overview of the Hanwei Samurai Sword Series

The expanding C.A.S. /Hanwei line of Samurai weapons continues to promote the availability of authentically crafted pieces at realistic prices. The Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto and Naginata in this line display features usually found only in original pieces, giving knowledgeable users and collectors a unique opportunity to own a weapon of a quality usually found only in private collections, museums or the Orient.

In both the forged steel and the folded steel series, the grip construction features genuine ray skin covered wood, wrapped very tightly in the traditional pattern to display the ray skin and the menuki. The tsuba are meticulously crafted in traditional themes, which are repeated in the fuchi, kashira, and menuki. The deeply lacquered wood scabbards have authentic polished horn fittings, and protective bags and maintenance kits are supplied with each piece.

Blades in the forged steel series (Shinto, Golden Oriole, Musashi Miyamoto) are hand forged from high-carbon (0.95%) steel. In the folded steel series (Kami, Orchid, Tiger, Bushido) the blades are hand forged and folded from ASSAB K-120C Swedish steel. The steel manufacturing process provides an excellent dispersion of carbides, resulting in a very tough steel with outstanding edge-holding properties.

The traditional clay-tempering process is used for both series, to produce an edge hardness of HRC60 and back hardness of HRC40. The hard edge provides an excellent cutting capability, while the more resilient body of the blade allows it to absorb the shock of the cutting stroke. After forging and heat treating each blade is hand polished, revealing both the hamon (temper line) and, in the case of the folded steel series, the linear folding pattern. The katana in both series have long tangs and are fitted with two mekugi (bamboo pegs) for greater security.

Hanwei-Forged Steel Series – Musashi Miyamoto Daisho

Miaymoto Musashi, arguably the most famous swordmaster in Japanese history, fought more than 60 duels before retiring and writing this famous treatise on swordplay, the “Book of Five Rings”. Musashi was well above average height and his Daito (long sword) was made to mach his size. Development of the two-sword style of swordplay, with the Daito (long sword) and Wakizashi being used together, is credited to Musashi. Fittingly, we are able to offer both pieces with matching mounts.

The Hangwei reproduction of the Musashi Daisho (1016-GT, 1017-GT) is faithful to the original down to the famous double-ring iron tsubas. The tsuka are finished with a superb leather wrap. Mounted in back, the saya has delicate cooper inlays. Truly a masterpiece of the swordmaker’s art, the Musashi Daisho is a must for every martial artist and collector.

These swords were used in the upcoming movie MATRIX II.

We will beat any advertised price on these swords!
And here are Cynn Samhain’s comments about the weapons:

Last night as I was looking at weapons on OrientalWeapons.Com> I found a page with the Musashi Miyamoto Daisho Katana. At the bottom of the description, it reads: “These swords were used in the upcoming movie MATRIX II.” I emailed the company asking how they knew these swords to be in the movie and got this reply:

“According to manufacturer it is true however we decided to remove all CAS Iberia swords and we are not going to carry them. Regards, Darius Lachovicz Global Outlet”

I thought this would be a nice tidbit for all the really hard core Matrix fans. Personally I can’t wait to see all of the awesome Matrix camera tricks used with melee weapons.

Sounds promising! (^_^)

Source: Oriental Weapons