More Info on Next Two Matrix Games

Lethem2 sent us this news about future Matrix games:
Atari plans to release two more Matrix games, CEO Bruno Bonnell reiterated in a roundtable presentation yesterday at the ongoing Piper Jaffray investory conference.

Production of the first followup to last year’s Enter the Matrix is ongoing, Bonnell said, while the third will likely be developed for a next-generation console or consoles.

Atari’s license to the Wachowski brothers’ science-fiction film property has always covered three projects in total, but the publisher has been reticent at times about its plans to continue producing games based on it, after the messy debut and poor critical reception of its first Matrix game. Bonnell’s comments today are also the first made regarding a third game in the series.

Rumor had it that Atari would show its second Matrix game at E3, but that obviously didn’t pan out. When we do learn more, though, we’ll pass it on.,2053,1611107,00.asp