More from the set

More eyewitness accounts from those individuals who’ve seen the shoot!

“Today (3/28) saw the filming of Matrix 2 a block from my work – they’ll be doing it for a week or two. Saw Morpheus and Trinity in a car being filmed fot a chase scene, followed by the dudes in dreads and silver in a big Cadillac SUV with Uzi’s.” [‘teiwaz’ spotted the duo.]

“I just heard on the news that a they are filming in Oakland, CA a third day (today) on 48th & Telegraph. Get the word out to those in the area.” [‘BigMarv ‘.]

“A friend who works at an office building in downtown Oakland got this email from his management today:

> —–Original Message—–
> From: xxxxx
> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 11:27 AM
> To: Everyone
> Subject: Matrix 2 Movie
> Colleagues:
> As you know, two of our employees were confronted by people associated with the production of Matrix 2 movie about allegedly taking pictures of a GM automobile which was not scheduled to be revealed to the public until 2003. In one case, a camera was confiscated and in another case, film was confiscated. After contacting the Office of the General Counsel, the Offices of the Oakland City Attorney and City Manager, and the Oakland Film Office, I was finally able to speak with Peter Novak of Warner Bros/Eon Entertainment, the group responsible Matrix 2 location filming here in Oakland.
Mr. Novak apologized for the behavior of the employee/interns who approached our employees. He acknowledged that they had no right to enter our work area to confront and otherwise intimidate our employees or to confiscate private property. He advised me that they typically handled these situations by attempting to purchase the film. He also advised me responsible interns were not asked back on the set following these incidents. He further assured me that he would make sure that the property is returned or restitution made, if it has not already been done.
Thank you.

[From anonymous.]

And in the latest issue of UK Magazine it states that actor and martial arts expert Ngai Sing (also known as Colin Chou) is working on the Matrix sequels too. Sing/Chow has appeared in many Hong Kong films including Bodyguard From Beijing and Return to a Better Tomorrow