More from the extras of Zion

Another story from an extra in the underground sequence of the Zion city-party. Although the description f the set is nothing new, the description of the band is. “Those Zion kids really know how to party! Apparently, there’s even a band on hand. “‘Burlyman’ or ‘Burly Band’ [was] dressed in red and black – kinda eighties or glam rock. The band was very ‘Stomp’ looking, with huge metal barrels, etc. There was a huge metal sheet but I didn’t see them use it. It looked like a square gong.” Maybe it’s some of Keanu’s buddies from Dogstar? That would explain the gong! HA!” Also, the ‘professional way to make lava is to use McDonalds special shake mix. “Wanna know a little-known cinema secret? All you need to make a little movie magic is some tinted plexiglas, a light, and some McDonald’s milkshake mix. The set had two pools of lava which were basically red plexiglass with a light underneath. Apparently, the crew sprinkled McDonald’s shake mix on top to achieve the desired effect. The source says, “Before each shot, they would roll a sound, which sounded like bubbling lava.””