Metacortex Announces MetaVR

MetaCortex Corp. announced today the development of its new MetaVR entertainment system, for use in conjunction with its MetaGamex computer gaming console.

The MetaVR entertainment system is currently the most sophisticated Virtual Reality complex developed for the home entertainment market.

Consisting of a set of MetaVR goggles, a stereo headset, infrared tactile sensor/emitters and an olfactory chest plate, the MetaVR system breaks new ground in providing absolutely immersive, lifelike, convincing gaming like nothing ever seen before.

Our new MetaVR system will take gaming a quantum leap beyond anything that our competitors have been able to create so far, stated Steven Walsh, CEO of MetaCortex. We’re on the cutting edge of the gaming marketplace. We’re very excited about the worldwide anticipation for this new system, and we’ve put a lot of effort into putting more of what players want into the MetaVR. Already, we are building substantial inventories in anticipation of consumer demand.

The MetaVR system uses new proprietary MetaCortex software to actually anticipate the players’ moves, buffering what it thinks will happen in order to avoid any kind of perceptual lag on the player’s behalf. This lag has been the primary limitation on the gaming community’s willingness to wholly embrace true virtual reality systems in the past, since it has a tendency to make players nauseous, which clearly is not in our best interest as a developer, stated Walsh. However, all indications are that these anomalies have been completely eliminated from the core MetaVR operating system.

Providing sensory input to four of the five senses, the MetaVR system will let players see in stereo 3-D vision, hear in simulated surround stereo, feel objects when they’re held or impact their bodies, sense temperature changes, and even smell their simulated surroundings. Players have yet to realize how important olfactory feedback is in the gaming world, because they take it for granted in the real world, Walsh continued. Imagine the adrenaline rush as, while you’re exploring an alien world, you realize that you are smelling the sour musky odor of an invisible grungbeast. That smell could give you those precious extra seconds that may mean the difference between life and death, or at least having to start a level over.

MetaCortex has only recently made inroads into the gaming genre. Known for its expertise in developing business and information applications, the Company has made a huge impact worldwide, quickly becoming *the* force to be reckoned with in the computer industry.

For further information, contact:

One MetaCortex Avenue
Redland, WA 98076

(206) 350-7100

This is reminiscent of the A.I. Murder Mystery that spanned about 50 websites and had people surfing everywhere to solve the puzzles. Get crackin!

What’s known about the Metacortex Alternative Reality Game: