MatrixFans Review: The Music of Vanethian

“Manuel “Vanethian” Marino (, a one-man band from Rome, Italy, is using many of’s programs and tools and, as a result, is garnering commercial contracts to produce music.”

His theme for a Sci-Fi series “Echoes of the Past” is a haunting music number, flowing with sounds of battles fought and wars waged. It draws you in even without the footage from the series to back it up, it could easily be part of great tragedies and also great victories. The strife of the sacrifices made in war is felt throughout. (1 min, 55 sec.)

Next up, “Stairway to the Stars” is a track that lifts you up and feels like a slow assent into space. Then it pulls you around planet after planet with a soothing feel, such as ice crystals glowing, reminding me of the ice levels in the original Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo. (4:25)

“Time Travellers” is the oddest arrangement of the three tracks I was asked to review. This one… sounds different, to say the least. It continues a journey taken through time, and could be a journey through clouds. This on sounds the most computer made, with robotic-type sounds. It is the least satifying of the three. (5:45)

Overall, this is a great music talent with many, many selections to choose from or buy. Take a listen, it may be something you enjoy, but you’ll never know until you try it.

Source: Vanethian