‘Matrix’ Wins Marketing Super Bowl

From the get-go, this spot places the viewer right back into the world of the Matrix with a voiceover by Laurence Fishburne about the war between the humans and the computers. From there, it hits all the notes fans of the first movie have been craving — a new riff on the famous bullet-time fight sequence, plenty of Carrie Anne-Moss, a multiplying Agent Smith — not to mention the Warner Bros. logo going Matrix digital. Plus it hints at even greater dazzling eye candy. The end shot of Keanu flying like Superman was perhaps the one misstep. All in all, it was almost as exciting as our first glimpse at the first Matrix — quite a feat given that the novelty has waned. Reloaded is expected to bow at over 3,700 theaters — the widest opening release ever — and will follow Attack of the Clones’ Thursday release pattern established on the same weekend last year. Clones grabbed $110,169,231 in its first four days, a number not out of Reloaded’s reach despite its R rating. Grade: A-

Source: Box Office Mojo