Matrix Video Game News

Sean Albert sent in this report about the Matrix Video Game.

If anyone sees reports about the Matrix Video Game in any Xbox publication, please fire off an e-mail to us, I don’t read Xbox magazines. Here’s the report:

If you read the December issue of the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), then you probably already know this, but if you didn’t…

“A while back, The Mole got a glimpse of a game that was so damned impressive he had to pick his cleverly disguised jaw up off the floor. The game in question – Bloodlust (tentative name) – features a half-vampire, half-human hottie who bounces around dark (not to mention splendidly rendered) city streets like something strait out of The Matrix – so much so that rumors have been flying around that Shiny wants to get a hold of this game engine and use it for the much-anticipated Matrix game. However, Shiny has always been known for developing its own technology, and Bloodlust is being shopped around to many different publishers, with Interplay certainly not being the wealthiest shopper. But you never know, it could happen.” The Mole, Page 32 of December’s OXM.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine