Matrix takes Beef!

Wizard the comics magazine #102 March 2000 pg. 22 MORRISON CALLS IT QUITS

Unhappy with DC, ‘The Matrix,’ writer vows no more comics.

Grant Morrison—unemployed?

That’s right. The creater who reinvigorated the JLA franchise and wowed Vertigo readers with The Invisibles, announced he is quitting comics.
After claiming “The Matrix” movie was a rip-off of The Invisibles and having his pitch to revamp lagging Superman sales last year rejected, the British writer said he’s through with comic writing for now.

(Skips ahead in article to get to Matrix part)

DC had no comment on Morrison’s departure.

The writer also said he’s had enough of people stealing his ideas and making money off of them. Morrison claims the Warner Bros. film “The Matrix” swiped concepts he created for The Invisibles—the comic published by DC’s Vertigo line, a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Morrison completes The Invisibles in April, his JLA run in March with issue #41, and already wrote a Marvel Boy mini-series for the Marvel Knights line set for summer. He intends to write a book and to work with Mark Millar on a movie script.

Obvious B.S. considering the Wachowski’s wrote The Matrix in 1994, the same year the Invisibles began it’s story. Unless the material Morrison refers to was published in 1994 or 1995, he stands no ground in this argument.