Matrix Revolutions DVD Reviews

Antoony has given me a list of review links for the Matrix Revolutions DVD. Take a look. There are some pretty glowing reviews, as the film is starting to make some sense to people, finally. Anywho, here are the reviews:

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That isn’t to say that this film should be avoided; it is the culmination of a long journey that must be seen. I had to learn of the ultimate fates of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Smith, and mankind. As escapist entertainment that overloads the senses, it can’t be beat.…esc/11626/2022/
It isn’t that “Matrix Revolutions” is a bad movie; it isn’t. It’s that “Revolutions” is a disappointing movie, given all that has come before it and all that it could have been. I suspect many “Matrix” fans like me were looking forward to some kind of smart, startling, imaginative climax, something that would make us all say, “Wow! Cool! I never expected that!” But it doesn’t happen. Instead, we get a wholly prosaic, commonplace ending, with the prospect of ever more chapters in the offing.
Is this a fitting end to the trilogy? Not exactly. I went in with mild expectations and found “Revolutions” to be an entertaining and satisfactory experience, but nothing groundbreaking. While dismayingly full of itself to a degree the other films weren’t, “Revolutions” still has great moments, some good performances and some pretty epic battles. I didn’t feel, however, not as satisfying a mix of action (both sci-fi and martial arts) and ideas (philosophy, religion, human nature) as either of the prior films.

While it stands as probably one of the most debated big-budget films of the past several years (some have called “Revolutions” a classic, others have been far less kind), “Matrix: Revolutions”, in my opinion, provides some thrills, surprises and impressive visuals. It is certainly flawed in some regards, but I think it’s an ambitous effort that I may get a somewhat better reception on video.…lutionsdvd.html…revolutions.htm…revolutions.htm

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