Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions win VES Awards

The Visual Effects Society (, founded in 1997, is comprised of distinguished visual effects artists and technologists who are professionally committed to the specialized industry of visual effects. The society provides its members with a platform for communication, education, and recognition of the current and future state of the visual effects industry. Society headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California, with approximately 900 global members.

Happily, the awards were generously spread around, with THE MATRIX RELOADED coming back from oblivion, and MASTER AND COMMANDER and THE LAST SAMURAI being appreciated for their “invisible” craftsmanship.

Best Single Visual Effect of the Year in any Medium
John Gaeta, Dan Glass, Adrian de Wett, Greg Juby

Outstanding Visual Effects Photography in a Motion Picture
This is a “Specific Arts” category. The award is based on the work of a single shot.
THE MATRIX RELOADED “U-Cap Facial Photography”
Kim Libreri, George Borshukov, Paul Ryan, John Gaeta…e=news&id=10300