Matrix Reloaded Shooting Report from Aint It Cool

This report comes via, so please excuse the poor writing. I didn’t write this story, they did:

pilfered from rather fine ozfilmnews e-rag Filmnet was this Matrix2-related shooting report from “”Paul X”…

“yes they filmed all nite, right up till 0430 on Tuesday nite, and 0600 on Wednesday, which incidentally was a resounding success because it didn’t rain as much. But that Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors has to be one of the most awesome looking cars I have ever had the privilege to see up close. But with the rain came some inventive road drying techniques, luckily Stand-by had some flamers to heat the road for light reflections, rain really only reads on film when it is lit properly, so they did the flame action and got their shots. (that’s what took up time) All in all it was a great two nites, 2nd Unit is always heaps off fun…even bumping out at 0700 after about 15 hour on my feet, and their still is another nite of filming to go…so might see you in the back of the unit truck…PaulX”